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Our small business is just over a year old and we operate mostly in small pop ups and intimate gatherings where we can tell stories of our clothes and designs.

Because of the bespoke nature of our clothing, you may notice some are sold out ... we only make tiny amounts of each item and they go quickly!

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about 'our' Clare 

All the magic you see here originates from the art, poetry and creativity of Clare Jasmine Beloved. Irreverent liverpudlian, wobbly wild warrior, sassy sista... for the past 25 years Clare has been working with thousands of people across the UK from many walks of life to encourage them to follow their dreams and now its her turn to bring to you this dream she has held for many years...


inspiration for rocking our clothes & shawls



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Sacred Selkies. Beloved Sistas. A phoenix rising from the ashes. The Queen of her own life. Velvet. Silk. Cotton. These are clothes that make you want to move and dance and feel beautiful. They are clothes that remind you that your body is sacred. Come explore our collections and get swept away in the art, poetry, and magic.

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aLL OUR MODELS ARE OUR Real Life Juicy Customers 

We love our customers many of whom become friends, the are remarkable people from all walks of life.  We love to see how they rock a silk dress  at home, on the school run and the red carpet. Check out their photos and gain inspiration for how to style your own beloved dream designs.