All the magic you see on this site originates from the art, poetry and creativity of Clare Jasmine Beloved. Irreverent liverpudlian, wobbly wild warrior, sassy sista... for the past 26 years Clare has been working with thousands of people across the UK from many walks of life to encourage them to follow their dreams and now its her turn to bring to you this dream she has held for many years...

Being able to say "I am an artist"

I am primarily an artist. It has taken a long time to say this although I have always known it.

Creating is in my blood and has saved my life over and over – transforming feelings, emotions, life stories, wounds and blocks, dreams and ideas into beauty. I believe deeply in the healing power of Creativity.

My work is full of lush goddesses, magic mermaids, sensual sistas and sacred imagery and symbolism and feelings. The process and the way that I paint is very intuitive and I work with many layers till I find something that feels right and begins to tell the story of what is happening for me in my world.

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passionate Poet

I am passionate about words and my bed is always laden down with books. My first poetry collection Love Hope and High Heels was published in 2010. It was shortlisted for The Polari Book Prize for new gay and lesbian writing.

Difficult Times

I have lived through my own painful depressions, broken hearts and dreams & difficult experiences. I know what it is to be joyful and follow my bliss and also what it feels like to experience much sorrow and loss.

I believe all our experiences & vulnerabilities can shape us into more compassionate human beings, willing to open our hearts & risk a wildly beautiful life.

having Big unrealistic dreams!

It has been my dream for a long time to create a clothes range from my art and poetry. 

I have been disillusioned with mainstream clothing and retail and have often felt spent hours looking for clothes which would inspire me and light me up but to no avail. I am also a juicy big shape and many clothes felt tight and left me feeling squeezed in and unable to breathe or feel free. 

I wrote a business plan in 2012 after a difficult breakdown and shared it with business advisors and my local job centre but was discouraged from carrying on and told I would never find backing or funding. Meanwile I kept on creating and painting and life took me on a different journey. I set up a social enterprise called Big Love Sista and worked with thousands of people facilitating workshops and events.

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sometimes dreams come true

My own dreams kept nudging me and wouldnt go away and i was also getting burnt out from working with so many people. I began to explore my plans again and this time I wasn't going to give up. I created some sample shawls and dresses and had orders straight away and some people even cried when they saw them ( seriously!) I knew then that not only had I created something fabulous for me but for others too.